Send messages and emails with delivery confirmation, detailed reports, document retrieval, automatic actions, and more to facilitate communication with your customers!

Envio de Email e SMS grande volume ou sob demanda - Totaldocs

Connect all areas of your company

All users in the same environment, but with different access permissions.

In addition to customize the system according to your business.



Call your customer by name!

Your emails and SMS can be customized with customer data to exclusive messaging – name, email, registration number and/or any field you need.


Send attached documents!Envio de documentos online - Totaldocs

With the send option in custom attachment. Done for you that needs to send their invoices, bills and other correspondence via email.

Need to generate your documents to send? We develop for you. Learn about our cloud Composition.


workflow Totaldocs

Communications were opened, and now? Increase the interaction with your customers! Create automatic flows based on the behavior of your customers. If he opened the email and he hasn’t clicked, send an email or sms, opened and clicked, send another – customize how is best for you!

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Improve communication with your customers!

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