Black Friday is coming! You still have time to plan your strategies. Most popular initially in the United States, today it has spread the world out.

One strategy is to start spreading the hot offers to attract customers before “Black Friday” until “Cyber ​​Monday“.
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How to prepare a strategy for Black Friday?

The amount of information your customers are getting via email and advertising is huge, differentiate yourself by complementing your communication with email marketing strategy along with Text Message. That way you have a greater chance of being seen and increase campaign success rates.

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We have 6 marketing strategy tips to get you featured on Black Friday:

1 – Get ahead of the competition

Competition becomes more fierce approaching to Black Friday, with its recipients being inundated with advertisements and / or promotional emails. Stand out from the crowd starting your campaign as complimentary communication, use more than one communication channel, like email marketing and Text Message (we have an excellent resource that allows you to do this – read here). This helps to position you as the first choice for your customers.

2 – Creativity above all else

Staying ahead of the competition is a good way to start, but to stand out from the rest you need to get out of your comfort zone and be creative. You can be creative with the offer you are promoting, how you communicate your message, and the text and images you use. Do not worry, your campaign does not need to be worthy of an advertising prize, but it needs to draw attention and be different from what your competitors are doing. Remember that your customers will receive many offers around Black Friday – what makes you memorable?

3 – Specific and concise communication

You want to be the first, so get attention and be memorable. But do not throw too many things into your client to remove your campaign from his mind in a second. Whatever it is that you are going to communicate with, it needs to be clear and specific. If you have 40, 50 and 60 percent discounts, you do not need to communicate all the details, simply use “discounts from 60%”.

Try to be more specific and not too generic. Your goal is to encourage your customer to go to your physical or online store and make a purchase through an irresistible promotion! As soon as they arrive, you can up sell and highlight other products, but the first task is to grab their attention and pull them to your store. Can you reduce the price to one of your best sellers to create an attractive hook? Do not hesitate – communicate! Give something that you know they will not be able to withstand to your client.

4 – Segment your audience

Of course, it’s easier to submit your campaign to your entire list, but it’s not as effective. Segment! Do you have products for men and women? Do not send the same message to both genders, prepare separate campaigns for each. Remember, you must give your customers something that they can not resist. Give them what they love. Other options are for segment by age and region. Think strategically to increase your chances of a successful sale.

5 – Do not forget Cyber ​​Monday

Cyber ​​Monday is a great day for retail sales and is not forgotten and lost. There’s so much information on Black Friday that your communication can be even more effective on Monday. So be sure to send a message from Cyber ​​Monday too, the last chance to pass the competition!

6 – Amplify Black Friday

Companies are increasingly extending their promotions to a week after Black Friday. This is also an effective way to create a sense of urgency for the last days. For example, using phrases like “Last units” and “ends tomorrow” creates a desire for the customer and a feeling of buying immediately so as not to lose.

Many people put on making a purchase until the last minute. Marketers know that Black Friday is no exception, so they extend the life of their campaign for a few days to reach people who prefer to buy later.

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